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MSMBC Accessories

Beautiful Head Pieces & Accessories

Picture 34_edited.jpg
Picture 34_edited.jpg

Ivory Magnolia Flower Headpiece

Two Magnolia set/headpiece. This Ivory fascinator is a very popular headpiece and is made with several off ivory magnolia silk and organza blossoms are 6” wide. It's very comfortable and will fit any size head. **Birdcage netting not included**  ONLY FLOWERS HEADPIECE!

1920s Flapper Bandeaus-Headpiece Roaring 20s Headband

The stylish design featuring delicate details and Swarovski elements make this exquisite headpiece a fine piece of jewelry. Wear the comfortable and alluring headpiece to look fabulous on every wedding, party, and special occasion. 
Price with veil $180.00.
One of the kind item.
Measurements are approximates 22”(L) x 2-2.5”(W)

Picture 39.jpg
Picture 45.jpg

Cream Bohemian Beanie and retro lace with a flower adorning the side

This fabulous design is as stylish as it is adorable. reminiscent of the classic flapper style.

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